As a child I was shy and quiet. People used to remark that I never talked. When I became a teenager my shyness only worsened as social anxiety prevented me from taking part in basic life experiences.

In my twenties, after spending university hidden away in my dorm room, I resolved to fix my social anxiety. I would no longer be shy.

I spent the next few years reading everything I could about shyness and social anxiety. I listened to all the videos, I attended all the workshops.

From all of this knowledge I pieced together a system to beat my social anxiety and gained the life of my dreams. Today I’m surrounded by friends, I date girls that I would never even have talked to before, and I’ve had experiences that I never would have imagined being capable of.

My goal is to help those people who are still suffering from shyness and social anxiety. I wasted all of my teenage years and most of my twenties hiding away from the world. I missed so many opportunities. I don’t want you to waste another day of your life.

I hope this website and the articles that I write offer you a path to breaking into a new life. I will ONLY share what has worked for me and nothing else. I want to help you escape the same prison that I had to scratch my way out of alone.